Don’t Let Diabetes Stop Your Holiday Fun!

Don’t Let Diabetes Stop Your Holiday Fun!

Eating, travel, and exercise – plan them wisely, and enjoy your holidays

Christmas and New Year’s get togethers typically mean lots of sugary, unhealthy foods paired with travel and loss of sleep. Our therapy team at HTS (Healthcare Therapy Services) published an article with tips about controlling your diabetes this holiday season without losing out on all of the fun.

Helpful tips in the article include skipping seconds and planning your dessert choice. It also suggests eating slowly, savoring the holiday treats. In addition, offer to bring a dish to share – this way you will know at least one dish is a healthy option!

The article also presents tips for traveling such as packing snacks, creating a travel checklist and regularly checking blood sugar levels.

Finally, the article discusses the advantages of therapy to manage the affects of diabetes. And, a special treat – a recipe for five ingredient chocolate chip cookies! Read the full article here.