Lower Your Risk for Pneumonia

Lower Your Risk for Pneumonia

Read more from our rehab and therapy group, HTS, about pneumonia prevention.

Did you know pneumonia is the eighth leading cause of death among adults ages 65 and older? The team at HTS, our therapy and rehab group, highlighted pneumonia prevention tips in its January 2018 newsletter.

1.) The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends two pneumococcal vaccines for adults 65 years and older.

2.) Influenza is a common cause of pneumonia, so preventing the flu by getting a seasonal flu shot every year is a good way to prevent pneumonia.

3.) It seems like common sense, but stay away from others who are sick.

4.) Manage and prevent conditions like diabetes.

5.) Limit or completely eliminate your contact with cigarette smoke.

6.) Healthy grooming habits such as thorough hand washing, dental hygiene, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and deep breathing also help to prevent pneumonia.

And, last but certainly not least, physical therapy can improve your ability to exercise and address difficulty breathing with helpful breathing exercises. Talk with your doctor to learn if therapy could benefit you.

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